Opportunity in an uncertain environment

A new strategy for a leading UK housing charity.

Faced with major changes in statutory funding, our client decided to rethink both its strategy to new government policy and the way it delivers advice services to clients.

Our first step was to build an accurate picture of the current situation. We analysed the potential impact of policy change on the organisation, based on external perceptions and a detailed understanding of market changes.  We then facilitated a major event bringing together managers, executives and trustees to agree a clear strategy. This allowed them to see the external changes as an opportunity to advance their charitable aims instead of seeing the changes as a threat to their core activities.

The Charity has now positioned itself well to retain and grow this segment of funding. This will safeguard its ability to provide more and more diverse services to more clients. Once the new strategy was agreed a 25% increase in funding was won, worth more than £1.5M p.a.

As the charity’s CEO told us “ …working with Verve has been a very positive experience – they manage to tell you the things that are hard to hear and then focus on the way forward. Our Verve consultants were also excellent role models in both the quality of their work and their approach.”