Maximizing Commercial Efficiency for Anthony Nolan

Implementing Commercial Strategies for Anthony Nolan

When Anthony Nolan began transforming its organisation to turn an ambitious five-year strategy into reality, the charity identified the need to maximize its commercial efficiency to meet its challenging goals.

Anthony Nolan is a very successful charity whose mission is saving lives. The charity created the world’s first register of people willing to donate their stem cells, saving lives by matching donors to patients suffering from leukaemia or other blood-related disorders. It now runs the UK’s largest and most successful stem cell register, with over 400,000 potential donors, and has the UK’s first dedicated facility for cord blood banking and research.

Recognizing the need to maximize every penny it earns and everything it spends to ensure it fulfils its mission of saving lives, Anthony Nolan chose Verve Consulting to develop the strategy for maximizing the commercial efficiency of the charity’s key activities, based on previous successful work with the charity by Verve consultants and their proven track record in commercial strategy development.

Working collaboratively with the in-house teams, Verve Consulting initially developed a vision and principles to guide the organization’s commercial activities within the framework of the overall vision and mission of Anthony Nolan.

Verve ran focus groups and opportunity workshops to establish the direction, clear priorities and a commercial plan of action. The work undertaken included market and competitor research, market and customer analysis, pricing and costing strategies, contract negotiation and reviewing procurement processes.

Finally, the foundations were put into place for the successful continuation of the efficiency programmes with the agreement of a governance structure, and the short and long-term plans for the continued delivery of the commercial improvements.

Henny Braund, Chief Executive of Anthony Nolan explains, “Verve’s consultants have helped to galvanize our staff, bringing clarity and focus to our work on contracts and procurement. This has allowed us to make more informed decisions on our income and expenditure, generating money which can be spent more efficiently to help us achieve our goals”

Finally, commenting on Verve Consulting’s overall role, Henny added, “Verve has been key to the successful implementation of the commercial strategies, ensuring we maximize the contribution to our mission of every penny we receive or spend”