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Good Selling is like a Virtuoso Performance.

Does your business make beautiful music?

Don’t have enough sales? That’s easy – just hire another salesman, right? Well … maybe that’s the best answer, but there are other things you should consider first and other actions you can take that will make an even great impact.

The Price is Right…or is it?

The basics of good pricing.

Do you remember that television game show in which contestants competed to correctly guess the price of prizes? Do you remember how many of them got the price badly wrong?


Do You Have the Steady Hand of William Tell?

No matter how skilled you are, you only hit a target if you aim.

How do you set your annual sales targets? If you are like most business bosses, you just use the same number as last year, or perhaps the same number plus 5 or 10%. It works – you know it works because most of your sales people hit their targets. But are you leaving money on the table? How were last year’s targets set? The same as the year before with perhaps a little adjustment? And how were these prior year’s targets set?

Does Your Business ‘Sell’…or Do People Just ‘Buy’ From You?

So What's the difference?

It boils down to a question of who is driving the process – the seller or the buyer.

Why is it important to understand the difference? Well, at its most basic, when you are proactively selling, whatever sales approach you use, you control the whole selling process. When you are ‘bought from’, the customer controls the process. In general, your chances of winning the sale increase dramatically when you drive the process and, typically, your margins will be greater. So, with an increased chance of winning and higher margins, why doesn’t everyone sell ‘proactively’?

Managers are from Saturn and Leaders are from Jupiter

What planet are you from...?

Natural Managers and Leaders do not have the same inherent talents and working style – extreme examples of each might as well be from different planets.  Can people change? Can company ‘development programs’ turn a leader into a good manager, or vice versa?  What skills do you and your company need to survive and prosper in the current economic climate?

Winds of Change

The Mobile Telecoms Market — who will grasp the opportunity?

The mobile telecoms market has matured.  Demand for network capacity is now driven by the amount of data traveling over the network, but revenues remain more closely aligned to voice traffic.  The sector must consider new approaches to ensure continued growth. Can other global businesses exploit the current situation? Might they even play a role in redefining the mobile telecoms marketplace?