Who’s Paying for Lunch?


A practical manual for maximising sales in small and medium enterprises by Verve’s Dr. Tamara Howard

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This book offers you a summary of more than 30 years’ business and business development experience in the UK and Europe – experience which spans businesses of all sizes from small start-ups to large multinationals, from highly technical and specialist to general distribution. As I gained experience I picked up lots of little hints and signals about how well a sales effort was progressing. When I was involved in big deals, there was one sign I always watched for toward the closing stages of the process – when having lunch with a potential customer I always noted whether or not he let me pay. About 90% of the time, if the customer let me pay, I got the business. When the customer insisted on paying, I usually lost. So, the title of this book, ‘Who’s Paying for Lunch?’, illustrates one of the many insights that it will provide to help you understand how to win business and maximise your business potential.

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