Maximising business potential

Strategy development for an international telecommunications group

To maximise new opportunities for next-generation technology, this leading telecommunications group needs to move fast to develop its international strategy and assess business potential.

A potential application for a new technology was being worked on independently in several different countries. Corporate management, however, wanted to combine these into a single strategic project and rapidly identify the total business potential for the group. The result was a complex project, which took place in several phases, all for completion against tight deadlines. They involved senior commercial and technology teams in each country, with group management and third parties. Verve audited existing national projects and then unified these into a single proposition for presentation to the group CEO.

In the next stage, Verve led operational management of country projects to ensure consistency with the Group’s strategic goals. This culminated in a forum which allowed the group’s senior team and their external partners to debate the opportunity, make their decisions on the business potential and agree the way forward.

The telecommunication group’s Head of R&D explains, “The job required a rare resource – experienced, senior, large-scale project management skills. Verve was ideally suited for what we needed. As well as bringing the operational project management skills, they skillfully managed the different cultures to draw great clarity of thought from our people, which helped ensure a successful outcome.”