Strategy under uncertainty

Strategy development for a UK technology company

Even very successful companies can become paralysed by the complexity of a changing market place, and plotting a strategy can feel like heading into thick fog, no visibility and no landmarks.  By using uncertainty about the environment as one of the metrics for characterising it a company can produce a map of the market based on uncertainty and can take a view as to how best to respond if certain things happen.  With this kind of planning ahead it’s possible to set out on an ambitious journey undaunted by the fog of uncertainty.  This is the story of one company who are now well along their chosen road…

This fast growing British company with a strong technology heritage had reached a critical point in their development as the founders departed and professional managers took the helm.  The company had conflicting internal views about the maturity of their niche market and about the overall technology adoption pattern in the wider market.

We carried out a strategy process which engaged customers, competitors, managers and staff in developing a view of the opportunities and uncertainties in this fast moving market.  Then we helped them to lay out an ambitious map based on the most likely future trends.

The result was a five year plan and a business case which managers and investors used as a basis for a successful public share offering.  The company continues to deliver 25-30% year on year growth while it diversifies out of it’s niche to provide a full technology service to customers.

We had many of the pieces but we couldn’t put the puzzle together, now the picture is clear and the organization is really energized.” CEO

We have learned to continually scan the environment and adapt to shifting opportunities and threats but we don’t loose momentum…” CFO