Building performance teams

Team building for a UK IT services company

Every organization has teams – its just that not every team works as a team.  Teams don’t happen by accident, they happen as the result of thoughtful selection, team development and ownership of shared goals coupled with a common desire to achieve.  A high performing team really is much greater than the sum of it’s parts.

This UK based IT services company wanted to break into a new sector and build a serious presence – but they came from humble origins and were not seen as a player by the market.  Not only did they need to target new customers they also needed to shift to higher value deals.  So they brought in new sales people, but knew it would be an issue to mesh them with the existing team and deliver the challenging targets.

We worked with the team as a group and as individuals to agree clear business and personal goals – because we recognized that to commit to outstanding personal effort, each person would need to feel inspired by the challenge.  We used team building techniques focussed on the real business, creating a motivating vision, and making sure each person could see the part they needed to play to ensure they were successful.  We provided performance coaching for them individually and as a group to keep them on track with success.

The company pulled together, gained focus, impetus and traction.  They are now winning significant deals which have given them exactly the market presence they wanted.

“We became productive quickly, in fact we realized the expected benefits and more.  The team has fully met their goals and we have clear development plans for the future.” Senior Vice President