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Implementing a strategy for efficiency and growth

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Implementing a strategy for efficiency and growth

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

Marketing Strategy and Implementation for Ready Steady Store

When Ready Steady Store’s growth was not meeting expectation, Mehran Charania, Chief Executive Officer, undertook a full review of the business.

Ready Steady Store opened its first store in 2006 providing secure storage facilities with a high level of customer service that differentiates them in the self-storage industry. With their bold new business model, challenging the traditional approach to self storage, Ready Steady Store has grown rapidly since its inception, adding stores each year. However CEO, Mehran Charania, convinced that growth could be stronger, conducted a thorough review of all aspects of the business and developed a new marketing plan.

With their proven expertise in strategy development and implementation, Verve Consulting was appointed by Ready Steady Store to validate the plans and make recommendations on the marketing strategy.

Verve Consulting initially undertook an analysis of the current business and marketing activities, the competitive landscape and developments in the media. This involved staff internally and researching externally.

From the analysis, Verve Consulting recommended a strategy that challenged the industry’s traditional views on the marketing mix and expenditure required for a successful storage facility. The strategy addressed all aspects from internal resources and collateral to target audiences, the use of new media, and perhaps most critically of all, measuring the return on investment for marketing spend.

Following the approval of the strategy, Verve Consulting has managed the implementation of the plan involving not only internal and external marketing resources and budgets, but also operational and sales personnel, helping Ready Steady Store to gain the added value from the synergies of an holistic approach.

Ready Steady Store is now seeing tangible benefits from the new strategy with more efficient spending on marketing and revenues growing significantly at a time when the industry overall is experiencing severe pressures with many businesses losing revenue.

Mehran Charania, Chief Executive Officer, explains, “ Verve Consulting has impressed us by challenging the industry’s preconceived notions, and with the methodical approach to accountability and justifying returns on marketing investment.”

Finally, on Verve’s overall contribution, Mehran added, “ Verve Consulting has made a valuable contribution to our start-up business by reducing risk and increasing our credibility with investors.”

Unlocking customer truth

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

Product strategy for a young technology company

You spend a lot of time talking to your customers.  Of course you do.  But if you analyse those conversations they fall into one of a few common categories “selling”, “telling” or “fixing”.  It’s rare to have an open conversation with a customer about the market and about the future.  It’s rarer still to openly ask your customers for help in developing your product or your company strategy.  If you do ask customers it’s amazing what they will tell you.

This is the story of one company that did just that…

A young Swedish company had built an exciting breakthrough product which used microwave technology to do in 10 seconds what could take 10 hours.

The company wondered why the product wasn’t more successful – and so did we!

We interviewed the working scientists who used this device and who were universally enthusiastic about it, based on the interviews we mapped their buying behaviours and ways of working.  They told us very clearly that what they needed was a personal instrument in their workspace, with a target price within their individual budget.

After a radical redesign the re-launched product has gone from strength to strength on laboratory benches across the world.

“It’s like having twenty customers in the room as we develop our strategy” CEO