Embracing change

Major change programme for a UK charity

You know that change is constant, that it’s unavoidable. Some organizations feel permanently exhausted by the sheer amount of change they have to handle.  But you know that the alternative – doing nothing – isn’t an option.  If you let change be forced upon you by the outside world, you’ll always be on the back foot and your people will know you’re not the one really in control.  Embrace change, give the organization the structure, tools skills and support to succeed, and get out of the way while they astonish you with what they can achieve.

This is the story of a UK charity that found change a challenge and a tonic…

This medium sized UK charity had become seriously stuck in its ways – something the new CEO wanted to fix fast.  He set about rejuvinating the organization so that it could get on the front foot with energetic campaigning and effective delivery of advice and support.  He quickly kicked off a large number of new initiatives. But this resulted in as many questions as it did answers!  Why was each initiative important?  How did it all fit together?  Who was doing what?  Initial progress was limited, people were confused.

We worked with the senior management team to pin down the key purpose of each initiative, and to form them into a structured change program.  This meant we could communicate clearly to staff and get them behind the program.  The team also agree common ways of reporting so that progress was clear, and adjustments could be made quickly if an initiative was struggling.

Three years on the charity has increased effectiveness on all fronts; from coverage to impact; and from customer satisfaction to money in the bank.

“They enabled us to shape and drive needed changes through our organization.  The support and challenge provided was invaluable and enabled us to focus on the priorities”  CEO