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Inner Edge Team
Inner Edge Team

Inner Edge Team

When you work with us you are in the hands of experienced practitioners, people who understand what it’s like to be a senior executive today.

The Inner Edge is led by Dene Donalds and Vari McLuskie.

Dene worked at Director level in the Health Sector and Vari worked as an International Marketing Director for blue chip companies. Between them, they have over 25 years’ experience teaching mindfulness, and 45 years of person- al practice.

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About Vari:

About Dene:

Vari and Dene lead by example, practicing mindfulness daily.

They say it helps them be more effective, more focused, more creative and more resilient.

How helpful would that be in your work, career and life?

Vari and Dean know from the ‘inside out’ how it is to be under pressure. How mindfulness can be applied to improve work performance as well as providing personal calmness and stability.

Both see mindfulness as their path in life and are committed to sharing the benefits with others.

They are keen help people at the top manage the stresses and strains of the modern, busy and ever-demanding corporate world.

Vari and Dene are both National Mindfulness teachers in the tradition of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh.

Between them, they have offered courses and retreats in secular and Zen formats for over 25 years.

With mindfulness experience totaling 45 years, Vari and Dene practice mindfulness and positive mental strategies daily. This has helped them become more focused, effective, peaceful and happy as a result

They have successfully applied these approaches to:

  • the stresses and strains of everyday working life (managing difficult projects and people, meeting deadlines, time management, planning, balancing work and home)
  • life changing situations (career changes, setting up a new business, serious illness, loss of close family and friends)
  • understand and reconcile problems from the past (difficulties and misunderstandings with friends and family)

Vari has an MBA and an MA from Oxford University and international business experience at IBM and Cap Gemini. She now runs a consultancy company, Verve Consulting, and specialises in leadership development.

Dene has an MBA from John Moores Business School, specialising in the Health and Social Care industry. Dene is currently a Director with a Health and Social Care Consultancy company. He also acts as a Zen Chaplain within prisons and secure Mental Health Hospitals.

Their experience and masterful practice of mindfulness is available to you and your organisation.

If you’d like to experience mindfulness please contact us.