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Do you ever find yourself just hoping that you will reach your growth targets? Is your sales operation soaking up cash but not delivering the right leads? Are you waiting for a great new prospect to appear as if by magic… (because you can’t see it happening any other way)?

Building an effective strategy for growth is one of the toughest challenges any organisation faces. But magic has nothing to do with it. Growth happens as a result of a systematic, step by step process, which mobilises all your resources behind exactly the right priorities for you.

Working with Verve can help you to:

  • understand the full market potential
  • build a compelling value proposition, based on customer needs
  • develop the optimal sales approach

We will undertake activities such as:

  • developing sales and marketing strategies
  • sales coaching at all levels, from Sales Director to Account Management
  • sales and account planning
  • ‘big deal’ strategy
  • sales process refinement
  • sales troubleshooting and triage

At Verve we know how to build growth strategies from the inside that deliver the right results.