Shaping commercial relationships

Global sales strategy with a leading Indian software company

Getting into a bad relationship can really hurt.  It’s in everyone’s interest to get the relationship to work, and to work at the right level.  Businesses interact on many levels, no one individual can own the whole relationship – but a team can – and a team acting in concert can build trust and enable partnerships that neither organization could previously have imagined.

This Indian software company realized they had lost focus in their sales approach.  They had become reactive and were falling behind the competition.  The needed to increase business with their key global account, but couldn’t get any traction through the network of dispersed local contacts around the world.  Locally relationships were good but there was no bigger picture.

We worked with the account team to identify and agree a global approach.  We wanted to get the whole global team directly involved.  We set about systematically building the customer relationship map, working out who the key players were, understanding their background and identifying if they were friend or foe.  Then we figured out who was best placed to work with them and what approach to use.  We also uncovered critical information about how the customers perceived the company and what needed to be done to address that.  We developed a value proposition and overall account vision, and derived focussed detailed action plans.

It didn’t happen overnight but the new approach paid dividends in the level of trust and built a perception of quality and commitment with the customer.  The team was focussed and energized as new opportunities began to emerge and revenues increased.

“The approach and input was very helpful.  It enabled us to focus and structure our relationship planning for our most important key account – this saved us a lot of time.  By building a global account planning process and involving people from around the world we got complete buy-in from the whole support team.” UK Account Director