Shaping up for the future

Organizational Effectiveness for a Leading UK Charity

Having reviewed front line operations, a leading UK Charity needed to take a hard look at the way the HQ functions worked – particularly in light of increasing economic pressures.

The economic downturn has affected the charity sector as much as anyone else. Falling income from all sources made it essential for this UK Charity to reduce HQ operating costs accordingly. With each division operating in a largely separate way, there were few examples of reuse to ensure economies of scale. Working with Verve, the senior management team carried out an ambitious 3 month programme of strategic reviews, leading to a plan for structuring the organisation to reduce unnecessary costs, balance the budget and rebuild reserves.

As the new organization was rolled out, many structural changes were made and some groups were disbanded.  A program of cost controls and redundancies was also implemented.  Operational management within each division, led by a newly-appointed COO, is driving organisational change, leaving the senior team to concentrate on strategy and managing the external environment.

As the Charity’s CEO said “… Verve gave us a proper business analysis of where we were and what was happening in the outside world. In addition, Verve provided process and a focus on driving through decisions that allowed us to make the changes we needed quickly, keeping the uncertainty for the rest of the workforce to a minimum.”