Turning vision into reality

Implementation planning for a leading UK charity

With a clear strategy in place for a major shift in their front line operations, a leading UK charity needed to ensure effective implementation to deliver the benefits.

This involved hands-on engagement from large numbers of staff, translating a strategic vision into practical activity. This was all done to a very tight time-table, defined by external factors. Verve worked intensively with key managers to finalise the design work. We then moved onto implementation of a plan that required coordination between all functions, with changes affecting all 750 staff.

A team of internal Change Managers led the process and Verve ensured that they were equipped with the skills needed for consistent, high quality management. The process has so far met all the identified milestones and been flexible enough to accommodate additional requirements that emerged during implementation.

Commenting on this phase of the project is the Services Director, “The challenge in this phase of the project was to win the ‘hearts and minds’ of the key managers. In this respect, Verve’s work has been fantastic.  It would have been impossible to do without help and it has been useful to have consultants from ‘outside’ to act as a foil.”