Unlocking the benefits of change

Major Change Implementation for a leading UK charity

With a plan and team in place to implement a significant new strategy, a leading UK charity needed programme management and implementation support to make their new strategy a reality.

It was vital to build sustained momentum into the implementation to unlock benefits as fast as possible. Yet business as usual had to be protected during the change phase. This led to Verve being asked to lead and drive key parts of the implementation plan, working alongside the internal team. Verve’s role included training change managers; organising the programme work structure; acting as overall programme managers; and providing specific expertise for key workstreams.

Most changes have been put into practice on time. These include updated processes for bidding, leading to significant new business wins, totalling more than £1.5M.  Services have been broadened and new ways of working are being rolled out. Significantly, new skills have been embedded in the organisation, as well as a real sense of achievement and confidence.

Commenting on this work, the Charity’s CEO said “Verve has demonstrated its value in both hard and soft ‘outcomes’. We have won more than £ 1.5M in business –a ‘hard outcome’, but our Verve consultants have also acted as excellent role models and have helped embed these skills back into the organisation.”